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All the teaching resources published or distributed by Wintertickle PRESS can be found in this category. Browse our many terrific products!

Postcards from Space: The Chris Hadfield Story ACTIVITY BOOK
$CAD 9.95
10 Terrific Music Projects for Intermediate Students
$CAD 22.95
12 Terrific History Tasks
$CAD 22.95

This is a great addition to the book Postcards from Space: The Chris Hadfield Story...More

Also available in French! Be sure to indicate upon check-out which edition you wou...More

12 Terrific History Tasks will make Canadian history class fun and exci...More


15 Fantastic Music Projects
$CAD 22.95
A Deadly Distance Literature Circle Set
$CAD 29.95
Canada and World Connections
$CAD 22.95

15 amazing research-based music projects for music students can be found in this resource. As a t...More

A Deadly Distance Literature Circle Set includes 4 copies of the histor...More

Canada and World Connections is a Social Studies unit that combines the grade 1 study of Canada c...More


Cartes Postales de l'Espace
$CAD 14.95
Charity's Chirp
$CAD 12.95
Enter Laughing
$CAD 16.95


This fun early reading book features multi-cultural and multi-ability students in a school set...More

Award-winning columnist and Canadian actor Neil Crone pens a collect of some of his best columns fro...More


Finding a Way Forward: A Guide to Teaching Contemporary FNMI Voices
$CAD 19.95
Heritage and Citizenship
$CAD 22.95
Postcards from Space
$CAD 14.95


This 72 page spiral bound Social Studies unit is perfect for the grade 1 teacher, the grade 2 tea...More

Postcards from Space uses NASA photos to chronicle, in simple terms for yo...More


Save-My-Life School
$CAD 24.95
The Early Intervention Reading Handbook
$CAD 37.95
The Farmers' Secret Midnight Dance
$CAD 12.95

Pre-order this incredible story, which is based on the true story and blog written by Natalie Harris...More

This handbook (and free download software) gives schools complete plans and tools for a reading inte...More

NEW! from actor and comedian Neil Cron...More


The Literacy Skill-Building Lab
$CAD 64.95
The OSSLT Literacy Lab Answer Key and Teacher's Guide
$CAD 49.95
The OSSLT Literacy Lab Student Workbook
$CAD 7.95

This incredible 100-page resource is the prequel to The OSSLT Li...More




The OSSLT Non-printable PDF File
$CAD 79.95
Who Farted?
$CAD 15.95

Perfect for differentiated learning! This resource is a non-printable...More

Collection of humorous stories in verse for big and little kids. Canadian actor, Neil Crone, crafts ...More



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